Thursday, May 28, 2009

OC street food: WTF?!? Where you at?

0 out of 5 boners (because it's nonexistent)

There isn't really a review here. It's pretty much just me bitching about the complete lack of street food in Orange County. We have a few roaming roach coaches that frequent industrial areas and construction sites but that's it. I miss the street food of LA beyond belief. My girlfriend and I saw a tamale lady the other day in Lake Forest, I lost my shit and she had no idea why the woman had a giant cooler. I think she might have been just an oasis because when we circled back around two minutes later she had vanished. I hope marijuana is legalized soon in California, not because I smoke (I honestly don't) but because I think it would actually spark somewhat of a demand for a street food scene here.

pictured: bacon wrapped hot dog w/ EVERYTHING AKA "the lady killer"

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